Hotel S'Ortale Orosei Sardegna



8 days and 7 nights of activities in the wildest part of central Sardinia, the Supramonte and the Gulf of Orosei.

The Supramonte and the Gulf of Orosei represent one of the wildest and most evocative coastal and mountainous stretches, not only of Sardinia but the whole Mediterranean. Accompanied by expert environmental excursion guides, you have the opportunity to experience a wonderful adventure, travelling along Jurassic limestone paths trodden by goatherds and charcoal burners in the 1800s.
The path winds its way between cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea, enchanting beaches, holly oak and ancient juniper woodland. Walkers have the opportunity to visit areas of great natural interest, to observe the Mediterranean scrub give way to ancient woods capable of astonishing majesty. Among the animals frequently spotted are birds of prey and agile mouflons (wild sheep). This is an area dominated by karst and its typical rock formations: gorges, spires, caves, sinkholes and rocky arches. Sardinia is also one of the oldest lands in Europe at geological level, at 500 million years old. The history of this territory also has ancient roots that date back thousands of years to before the Nuragic civilisation (one of the most famous and mysterious prehistoric civilisations in the Mediterranean). In fact, the Supramonte is home to the oldest human remains on the Mediterranean islands, dating back some 20,000 years and different to other European populations of the same era.

Minimum number of participants: 6 people

1st day: Arrival at Hotel S’Ortale, welcome, tour presentation and trip briefing

Dinner 20:00
2nd day: After breakfast, trekking to Cala Luna (Town: Cala Gonone; Interests: Nature, sea and relaxation)
Difficulty: medium – length: 9km – altitude: -350m; +350m.
The trek takes us to one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches in Sardinia, where we enjoy the beach and a packed lunch.
Leaving at 8:30 – 9:00 / Returning at 16:00 – 16:30 (potential to return by boat to the port of Cala Gonone at a cost of €12 per person), or to visit Nuraghe Mannu (€3 ticket per person).
Dinner 20:00
3rd day: After breakfast, trekking to Tiscali plus a visit to the karstic spring at Su Gologone (Town: Oliena; Interests: Nature, archaeology and culture)
Difficulty: medium – 5.5km length – altitude: +350m; -350m – Entrance ticket to the archaeological area at Tiscali €5 per person + €1.50 for the Su Gologone spring.
Today we visit the Lanaitho Valley and the Nuragic village of Tiscali, located in the karst sinkhole of the mountain of the same name. The village dates back to the Bronze Age and was built by the Nuragics, the famous Sardinian prehistoric civilisation. This complex of 80 huts is located inside the sinkhole, and is a very important habitat for some native species of local
flora and fauna.
The Su Gologone spring, on the other hand, is the largest karstic spring in Sardinia, where we discover the course of the underground rivers of the Supramonte and the history of their exploration.
Leaving at 8:30 – 9:00 / Returning at 16:00 – 16:30.
Dinner 20:00
4th day: After breakfast, a visit to the murals of Orgosolo with a traditional lunch at the sheepfold of one of the last shepherds of Supramonte (Town: Orgosolo; Interests: Cultural, Natural and Enogastronomic)
First we visit the historic centre and murals of the town of Orgosolo with its silk workshop, where we observe the last Sardinian artisan to breed silkworms and work the precious threads to make the famous Orgosolo women’s headdress and numerous small lucky charms linked to superstition and Sardinian tradition.
The tour of Orgosolo combines all the elements that best represent Barbagia: wild nature, culture and tradition. Orgosolo, once famous for the bandits of Supramonte, is now a respectable tourist destination that shows off its history in the town murals, creating an open-air museum of Orgosolo and Barbagia history. We then head towards the Supramonte of Orgosolo, at an altitude of around 1100m. Immediately afterwards we go to the Sas Baddes (the only forest in Sardinia that has never been cut down), where the shepherd will be waiting for us in his sheepfold. We have lunch under the canopy of a thousand-year-old holly oak forest, with traditional products prepared by the shepherd and his family: sheep and goat cheeses, sausages, boiled sheep, roast suckling pig, ricotta and honey, cannonau wine, water, coffee, myrtle and Sardinian spirits.
Leaving at 8:30 – 9:00 / Returning at 17:00 – 17:30.
Workshop price: 3/4 euros per person
Shepherd’s lunch price: €25 per person
Free evening
5th day: After lunch, a kayak tour to Sos Alinos to visit the beautiful Bidderosa Oasis (Town: Orosei; Interests: Nature and Landscape)
The excursion takes place aboard kayaks complete with individual safety equipment.

The trip lasts the whole day and includes a visit to the first part of the Sa Curcurica lake and then the Bidderosa Oasis. This is an easy excursion, even suitable for beginners in good
physical shape. Inside the Oasis you can stroll and walk to visit the other small beaches, or visit the Monte Urcatu viewpoint a short trek away.
Leaving at 8:30 – 9:00 / Returning at 16:30 – 17:00.
Length – kayak tour: around 9km / Trekking to Monte Urcatu: around 4km.
Dinner 20:00
6th day: After breakfast, a trip on horseback to Orosei (Town: Orosei; Interests: Natural, Landscape)
Location: Orosei Marina
Morning timetable: leaving at 8am
Afternoon timetable: leaving at 4pm
Time: about 3 hours.
Departing from the stable in the Orosei Marina, we cross the lake on horseback and immediately ride along the Marina beach, following the sandy shore along the water until we
reach the mouth of the Cedrino river. The ride then continues inland, passing through the pine forest and the beach of Santa Maria, skirting some panoramic points along the
volcanic cliffs where we take some short breaks. The trip ends with a small tasting session before we take the way back.
Dinner 20:00
– 7th day: After breakfast, transfer to the airport and departure

The package of 7 days and 6 nights includes: Guide service for clients for 2 days of trekking, Orgosolo and Kayaking (Orosei Adventours guides are GAE Guides officially recognised by the Region of Sardinia, Kayak Guides as they hold the FICK Technical diploma, have a degree in Environmental and Natural Sciences, and speak English, French, German and Spanish), transfers between hotels and from the hotel to the excursion sites in a 9-seater Land Rover Defender, traditional lunch at the shepherds’ in Orgosolo, 1 entrance ticket to the archaeological site at Tiscali, 1 entrance ticket to the Su Gologone spring, 1/2 board (dinner and breakfast in the S’Ortale’s restaurant) except for 1 evening; not including drinks at meals.

The 8 day and 7 night package does NOT include: packed lunches during the daily excursions, potential agritourism lunches or tastings, visit to the historic centre of Orosei, return by boat from Cala Luna to the port of Cala Gonone, anything not included in the ‘included’ list.

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