Hotel S'Ortale Orosei Sardegna

The area

To answer the question “which is the most beautiful beach?” we always answer that one must visit them all, because it’s all a matter of perspective. Orosei is actually able to meet any expectation, not only for the beauty of its many beaches, but for the ways in which they are distinct from one another.

Pine forests, granite cliffs, basalt, limestone, white sand, golden sand, shallow waters, deep waters, mountains overlooking the sea, coves and long beaches – they all have one thing in common, and that is that this is a wild coast with little man-made contamination, making this stretch of coast a must-see.

Starting with the most famous, Bidderosa is located inside a forest park with 500 hectares of greenery and five white sandy coves that characterise this beautiful oasis. It’s a protected area, set in a large natural park characterised by rich Mediterranean scrub and sealife. The sea is clear and provides spectacular sights.

The Hotel S’Ortale offers packages and guided tours and trips in collaboration with expert guides.

Descending towards Orosei, we find the beaches of Sa Curcurica, Cala Ginepro and Cala Liberotto, three of the top beaches on the east coast, fine white sand mixed with small smooth pebbles and a sea in shifting shades of blue and turquoise. Further on is the inlet of Sas Linnas Siccas and Fuile e Mare with its pink granite seabed. From here the coastline is jagged for at least seven kilometres until the mouth of the Cedrino river, where you can kayak and visit unspoiled sites.

Arriving in Orosei, and just 1.5km from the Hotel S’Ortale, we find the Marina di Orosei beach: a two-kilometre-long stretch of grainy golden sand. Perfect for those who like to dive straight in and swim, as the seabed is deeper than at other beaches.

Crystal-clear water and azure depths are also present at Osala beach, 4km from Orosei and the Hotel S’Ortale, perfect for diving and scuba diving. It is worth mentioning the setting and magnificent pine forest that provides refreshment during the hottest hours of the day – a pine forest that stretches to another oasis: Su Barone beach.

Those who love walking or mountain biking can follow the paths around the coastline to the nearby lake at Petrosu and fully experience this gift from mother earth. Hotel S’Ortale is located just two minutes from this paradise. Just two minutes to hear the silence, the sound of the sea, and enjoy the peace.

From Orosei Marina, 2km from the Hotel S’Ortale, you can book a boat excursion to visit the Gulf’s famous bays: Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Golorizè, Piscina di Venere (Pool of Venus) etc. S’Ortale’s caring and attentive staff will be on hand to book tickets directly at the hotel.

Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism, in accordance with the UN’s 2030 Agenda, adopted in 2015, which calls on each of us to take action to respect the environment. Part of how we do this is to integrate it into our vision, our respect for our land, and this is how our collaboration with Simone Dessena, an Environmental Hiking Guide in Sardinia, came about. We rely on his expertise to suggest the many activities that this area has to offer.

Orosei, a coastal town in the centre of the gulf of the same name, is the main focus of our activities: mountains, sea and beach, traditional villages, sites of high cultural and historical-archaeological interest are the areas on which our activities concentrate.

The Supramonte and Gulf of Orosei represent one of the wildest and most evocative coastal and mountainous stretches of not only Sardinia, but the whole Mediterranean. Accompanied by expert environmental hiking guides, you have the opportunity to experience a wonderful adventure, travelling along the Jurassic limestone paths trodden by goatherds and charcoal burners in the 1800s.
The walk takes in cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea, enchanting beaches, holly oak and ancient juniper woodland. Walkers can also visit areas of great natural interest, to observe the Mediterranean scrub that gives way to ancient forests capable of surprising majesty; among the animals, birds of prey are unfailingly present, and agile mouflons (wild sheep) are not infrequently seen. This is an area dominated by karst and its typical rock formations: gorges, spires, caves, sinkholes and rocky arches. Sardinia is also one of the oldest lands in Europe at a geological level, at 500 million years old. The history of this area also has ancient roots dating back thousands of years to before the Nuragic civilisation (one of the most famous and mysterious prehistoric civilisations in the Mediterranean). In fact, Supramonte is home to the oldest human remains on the Mediterranean islands, dating back some 20,000 years and different from other European populations of the same era.

The Hotel S’Ortale in Orosei, in collaboration with Simone, offers packages with nature excursions, daily and multi-day treks in Supramonte and beyond, such as a simplified version of the Trekking del Selvaggio Blu (Blue Wild Trek) that traverses the Gulf of Orosei, kayak trips in the splendid crystalline sea in the Gulf of Orosei or the beach of Biderosa, or the fascinating and mysterious wetlands near the town’s beaches, rich in birdlife, or the marvellous Gorges of Lake Cedrino.
We also offer some beautiful tours by 4×4, during which you can visit sites of high natural and landscape interest, but also some of the area’s historic villages, rich in history and tradition.
Some 4×4 tours and treks can also be combined with lunch with the shepherds of Supramonte, who are masters in the preparation of cheeses and traditional sausages, and in cooking authentic meat from local farms.
We can also organise days aimed at providing our guests with real sensory experiences linked to Sardinia’s folk and culinary traditions. We enter the heart of Sardinian food and wine culture to watch women baking the traditional “Pane carasatu” in wood-burning ovens or in locations that particularly display Sardinian architecture, or taste some classic wines of the region from companies that focus on quality 0km products, observe the stages of preparation of traditional cheeses of our territory in the sheepfolds of Supramonte or at an educational farm, and taste the olive oil of Orosei, considered one of the best in the world by some thematic international competitions. Or combine some of these experiences!
Sustainability is everyone’s business! And here we are!